ndab Ah Yes, Medical School: August 2003

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ah yes, anatomy

So today I got to meet the dead body I will be tearing apart over the course of the next 9 months or so. I must say, it was a bit of a shock removing the steel case to reveal a lifeless body underneath, as naked as the day he was born. You know it's coming, but there is still a moment where you are taken aback and realize that lying before you used to be a vibrant person full of life and vigor (or at least he had a pulse). Now, this person (whom we named Jim-Bob for no logical reason) has been stuffed with embalming fluid and is unknowingly days away from being carved open. I think it will be even more of a shock when we actually have to start cutting things open. I guess since this was an intro-type class and nothing too informative, I had a lot of time to wonder what this person was like and what brought him to this point. On the flip side, today was the first day where I actually felt like a medical student - I feel like this whole anatomy thing is some part of a hazing ritual that everyone has to go through and is one aspect of what makes you a member of the doctor club.

And I'm done rambling...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

An Ode to "The OC"

OK so if you haven't yet had the chance to view The OC on Fox yet, wow you are missing out on quite possibly the greatest show in the history of post-90210 television. You have the main star (who's from Chino...oh the horror!) who looks like hes 25 and has to play a 16 year old, multiple hot girls who can't really act, and a stereotypical nerdy guy high school student who befriends the ghetto Chino guy (as an aside, why does the nerdy guy always have to be Jewish? I mean honestly, this really sucks). But all this is moot if one fails to mention what is quite possibly the greatest line in the history of drama, television, ANYTHING. After Chino boy gets the crap kicked out of him by large oafish OC folk, oafish OC folk proclaim, "This is how we do it in the OC, bitch." Oh, the horror. I've never laughed so hard at something so unintentionally funny. Such humor is hard to convey to someone not from southern California, but trust me, this is so incredibly stupid its not even worth pressing further....

ok im done ranting on this show.

One Week Down...209 To Go.

ok so ive just completed my first week of actual medschool. meeting more people, getting to know them better, etc. still a lot of people i dont know and have yet to speak to. also noticed quite a few people who must have been hardcore premeds, because they were furiously taking notes on EVERYTHING. we did a whole crapload of genetics and molecular bio the first week, enough to prompt one guy to say "they did my entire major in the first week of school. that can't be good." hopefully it wont be like this all the time. also have required quizzes due on sunday at noon. hmm...quizzes due on weekends, two hours of lecture per day....smells like humbio core to me.

ok so beyond that, i got a car yesterday. OH HELL YES. toyota highlander 2003 4x4 v6 limited.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
also, my dad setup wireless internet in our house, so i can actually use my laptop here which is nice.

ok not too much to say, im sure im forgetting a ton

Saturday, August 09, 2003

So It Begins...

lets see...been awhile since ive done this. i spent the last couple of weeks in july sitting on my butt, watching tv and eating a lot. raymond and i found an apt in westwood, but we cant move in till the end of august. bought a nice computer. still car shopping...

last monday was my first day of orientation at my medical school. it was a pretty intense week, trying to balance figuring out how to take care of the 392845324 forms we have to fill out or take care of, as well as trying to make conversation with 150 strangers (give or take). theres a helluva lot more people from my private college than i expected (id say at least 15, probably more), and i definitely noticed a bit of resentment among public college people towards us...apparently people think stanofrd folk are really snobby, but i really hope we dont come across like that usually...
now im socially drained and have had about as many "so where are you from?" conversations this past week that i had during freshman orientation of college.

the last thing we did this past friday was the white coat ceremony, where they have this big production and put one of those doctor white coats on you. that was a bit surreal...suffice to say, i really hope i know what im getting myself into...