ndab Ah Yes, Medical School: One Week Down...209 To Go.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

One Week Down...209 To Go.

ok so ive just completed my first week of actual medschool. meeting more people, getting to know them better, etc. still a lot of people i dont know and have yet to speak to. also noticed quite a few people who must have been hardcore premeds, because they were furiously taking notes on EVERYTHING. we did a whole crapload of genetics and molecular bio the first week, enough to prompt one guy to say "they did my entire major in the first week of school. that can't be good." hopefully it wont be like this all the time. also have required quizzes due on sunday at noon. hmm...quizzes due on weekends, two hours of lecture per day....smells like humbio core to me.

ok so beyond that, i got a car yesterday. OH HELL YES. toyota highlander 2003 4x4 v6 limited.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
also, my dad setup wireless internet in our house, so i can actually use my laptop here which is nice.

ok not too much to say, im sure im forgetting a ton