ndab Ah Yes, Medical School: Seeing Gross Shit, II

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Seeing Gross Shit, II

Yesterday I got my first exposure to true anatomy. A few weeks ago they had us poke at the cadaver and learn various surface landmarks, but this time we actually got down to business and, for lack of better way to put it, took this poor former guy apart. We dug through his skin and fatty layers, broke open his ribs, and removed his lungs. Holy crap. The first thing I realized is that I absolutely have to work out more, because now I really have an understanding of how gross fat is and how it deposits everywhere in the body. Since our guy was large, his fat was spraying all over the place as we tried to cut him open...it was freaking melting over everything. Sick.

At first, we were all a bit tentative and tried to be as humane and careful as possible in cutting Jim-Bob open. However, one of the anatomy profs walked by our table and decided to show us how it was really done. The guy just mowed his way through everything, showing no regard for all the fat and skin and muscle that was in his way. That was just fucking gross. Do you know what blunt dissection means? It means "take your hands and just jam them into this guys pecs as hard as you fucking can until the pec major opens up and the pec minor is revealed". It takes a seriously sick fuck to want to do this holy body dissection thing as a living.

Later, we had to remove his lungs. By this point I thought I'd seen and smelled just about every gross thing possible. However, I was not prepared for the wheezing noise that the lungs were making as I tried to wiggle his lungs out of his thoracic cavity. It's like they were pleading for me to stop messing around with them. Maybe that's because at this point I was hallucinating because I hadn't eaten all day and smelled anatomy lab for about four hours straight. Luckily, I totally fucked up one part of it and had to start cutting away rather than just pulling the thing out, so I shut that thing up quick.