ndab Ah Yes, Medical School: The Perks

Saturday, November 15, 2003

The Perks

So a few weeks ago, my friend Kim, who is a representative for the medical school alumni board thing, sent an email to a few of us asking if we'd volunteer to sit at some reception for medschool alumnis. We'd been promised $100 dinner plates and all we had to do was shmooze with bigshots. Cake.

I showed up to this thing all decked out in my suit and started chatting it up with some friends. A few glasses of (free) wine later, and we started talking to some random people who for some reason started taking a liking to me and my friend Vishal. As we all proceeded into the main ballroom for dinner, Vishal and I were going to sit at our tables, but these middle aged women were begging us to sit with them - Hey I've got no problem with flirting with old women who might potentially be rich/my sugar mamma.

I go to sit down next to one of them, who is wearing a red suit and looks well presented for a middle aged woman. Before I have a chance to sit down completely, she says to me "You're cute as hell. Sit down next to me!" And before I know it, she begins feeling up my thigh. Believe me, I am not smart enough to make this up.

Anyways, I start chatting with her, and it turns out this lady is none other than...ok due to suggestions/commands by certain peoples, I have removed the name of the person so as not to set myself up for a slander lawsuit (ironic considering no one reads this so no one would ever know, but thats a different story). Needless to say, this lady is definitely notable, has a regular column that is read internationally, and has had definitely had one too many face lifts. And she was hitting on me big time. At a medical school alumni reception. In front of other middle aged women hitting on me and Vishal. While drunk. Perhaps I have not adequately or fully expressed the hilarity of this event, but honestly if you were there you'd think this was the funniest thing ever too.

Oh, did I mention the unsolicited good-night kiss she gave me on the cheek?

See, medical school does have some perks after all...or something like that.

Fo Shizzle!