ndab Ah Yes, Medical School: Merry #$%@# Christmas

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Merry #$%@# Christmas

Perhaps given the fact that I am Jewish, it is only fitting that this Christmas season is filled with misery for me. In this case, misery is in the form of a leaky pipe that decided to burst Christmas Eve. This did not result in immediate flood-age; rather, the dripping began slowly and was only audible if one carefully listened by the wall. Which I did not do. So I left for home for a few hours, only to return and hear a loud, consistent thud emanating from my room. I entered, only to find a large pool of water right by my dresser, and a disgustingly yellow ceiling above it. That's just fucking great. I called the manager, but of course she wasn't there because she is just a useless human being and a complete waste of space. Maybe I'm being too harsh...actually no I'm not. Hearing other tenants make fun of her in the elevator taught me that she is just terrible.

Anyways, one drip became two, which became four. I put out buckets, called the interim manager, and sat there. Eventually I got a call back and was told that someone would be coming tomorrow. One Chinese Water Torture day later, the plumber arrived. And promptly cut out a two foot long chunk of my ceiling. Did I mention the ceilings were old and made with asbestos? And that there was steam coming out of this hole for hours? And when I asked the guy about when they were going to fix it, he responded with a "Oh, maybe January 8th or later,"? The great thing is, I know my manager is going to show up someday and want to charge me a billion dollars to fix the carpets that I had obviously ruined and the hole that I had obviously punched into the wall, and that the pictures I took of this disaster will somehow not be sufficient to prove otherwise for her sake.