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Monday, September 06, 2004

Oh Sweet Lord No!

Well, it had to happen eventually. The beautiful summer months faded away, and I look to the future and all I see is wads and wads of shit up ahead.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, summer vacation is just about over and it is time once again to delve into that bastion of confusion, hypocrisy, and idiocy more commonly referred to as medical school. Gone are the lazy days of sleeping until noon and doing nothing all day. In fact, for this sad medical student, those days are gone forever, as I will no longer be able to experience a summer vacation as we all know it ever again. In its place lies hours and hours of lecture, compounded with hours and hours of pointless (and the occasional utterly detrimental for learning) labs and other assorted vaguely medical related activities.

Perhaps I have not stated my case clearly enough, but I look upon the beginning of my second year of medical school and I'm not particularly thrilled about it. While I realize I do have a lot to look forward too, especially those precious months I get to spend studying for an agonizingly painful medical licensing board exam, I just can't get too excited about waking up as the asscrack of dawn to be in another lecture hall at 7:30AM tomorrow morning.

But anyways, this is what it is now...gone are the amazing experiences in Maravatio, Michoacan, Mexico with the incredible doctors and amazingly generous people. It's back to ridiculously uptight premeds who still haven't realized they are already in medical school and don't need to be their premed selves anymroe. It's back to teachers who either a) don't want to be there, b) don't know what they are supposed to be teaching because of this seemingly unorganized new curriculum that isn't set straight, or c) want to teach but never reallly learned how. It's back to the same routine of workout, class, lunch, class, home, tv, tv, tv, sleep.

I think there is only one way to really sum up all that is tomorrow: woo woo.


Blogger Ilana said...

can you BE any more depressing? :-P

7:28 PM  
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