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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Art of Skipping a Grade

By popular demand (OK fine, I'm just bored) related to PBL: A Primer for the Novice, the above artistic sketch is my modern depiction of the struggle of man in this heartless and cruel society. Or, it is what I drew upon entering second grade that convinced educators I was not psychologically mature enough to skip a grade, despite my astronomically dorkified test scores (thank you to the kind folks at Temple Emanuel Community Day School for making that possible). To the dismay of the aforementioned educators, I have yet to reach the maturity of the average third grader, thus making their attempts to keep my social progress to that of my peers null and void. Why no body? Why couldn't I just go for the classic stick figure? The mind of a genius needs no justification. Which is another way of saying I am a complete and utter jackass.

You may be surprised to learn that my knowledge of human anatomy has not increased significantly despite the fine and 75% scandal-free anatomy education I received last year. And just in case you are worried, I have no desire to become a surgeon.


Blogger Miranda5 said...

My two-year-old daughter looked at that picture and cried. Seriously. So, I'm giggling like mad and my eldest son (5 yrs old) comes in and says, "What's wrong?" Snicker shrieks and points at the picture. He studies it carefully and says, "I see what you mean. That man has no pee-pee."


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